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More about the program

Microsoft created the Windows Feedback Program to help our customers get more actively involved in helping to create the world's best software. Simply put, being a part of the Windows Feedback Program helps us help you.

That's great – I'm all for better software, but will this be a lot of work for me?
In a word, no. An advantage of this program is that there is really not a lot of work for you to do, regardless of the parts of the program you choose to participate in:

  1. The survey feedback program. When you join the survey feedback program, you’ll occasionally be invited to take a survey. If the survey arrives at a time where you are busy, you can skip that one and take the next one instead. You will not receive on average more than one survey every two weeks.
  2. The automated feedback program. When you choose to participate, most of the work is done behind the scenes, with no additional effort, time requirement, or inconvenience to you. Occasionally, we might send you an invitation to participate in a survey or another feedback program to get additional information about your use of computers. In general, though, you only hear from us if we make significant changes to our data collection method or if we want to offer another feedback program to you that you might be interested in.

How do I enroll in the Program?

The Windows Feedback program is by invitation only. If you are interested in joining, please send email to winpanel@microsoft.com with the subject "Notify me for future enrollment".

More about the automated feedback program

Ok, tell me more about the automated feedback program - how does it work?
If you agree to join the program, a small amount of data will be collected using the Windows Feedback Program software. That data will be sent to Microsoft so we can monitor how your computer is working and better understand how you are using Windows and Office. This data is collected every time you use Windows or Office. We use this data to help make future versions of the software better and more useful for you and other users.

Does the software impact the performance of my computer?
We have gone to great lengths to design the Windows Feedback Program software to limit the amount of computer resources it uses to collect data. You may see a minor change in performance when you first log in to Windows; however, this typically only occurs during the first few minutes after login while we are collecting basic configuration information.

What types of information will you collect and why?
We are looking for information that will help us understand problems you encounter with Windows and Office, how you have configured your computer and Windows, what hardware you are using, and general information about how you are using Windows and Microsoft Office products on your computer. You can see a list of examples of the data we collect in our FAQ.

How often will Microsoft collect data?
How often you will share data depends on how actively you use your computer and how often your computer is connected to the internet. In general, the data is shared once per day.